January 28, 2009

...a fudge

Tomorrow there will be an extraordinary meeting of the Board of Governors. Perhaps we will get the truth and Simon Lee [VC of Leeds Met] will be exposed publicly for the psychopath he is. More likely we will witness a fudge. The management team that supported Simon Lee will remain in place and will carry on as before.



Driven crazy said...

This is harrassment at a HEI

Completed material sent on time by email claimed by a collection of managers as not having been sent on time.

Demonstratins made to zillions of so colleagues and so managers is claimed by a number of bullying and puffing managers as never having been done.

The hardfworking victim has Behcet's disease, with flares set off by emotional stress manifested as sight degeneration.

Watch this space if this is not sorted out, unless you watch it first on the news.

Anonymous said...

sorry for the long link- currently a cached document as they appear to have removed the original. just thought it was interesting...

Anonymous said...

transparency... transparency... transparency

Aphra Behn