December 13, 2008

Dr. Gary Namie Talks About Bullying In The Workplace


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the information that you continue to put up on this blog - it is brilliant and keeps me going with my case.

Aphra Behn

Anonymous said...

I can confirm the comment that the bullied are on their own.

At the place I used to teach at, even the staff association was part of the problem. During my time at the institution, only one staff association president took an active part in my defence. I found out that her predecessor was an accomplice when I found some very damaging information in my personnel file, none of which I'd seen before. That staff association president was on the circulation list for that material, as was the dean. My name had been left off contrary to institution regulations (accidentally? yeah, right). All the while, he claimed that I was "in denial" about what I was accused of while never establishing if I even knew what had actually been said about me. Then again, the man didn't like me, either.

Sadly, the staff association president who went to bat for me was herself hounded out of office due to internal politics. Her successor was an administration lapdog and did nothing to assist me. The contract administrator who worked with him was next to useless and may as well have been a co-conspirator. There didn't appear to be anyone else in that organization willing to give me a fair hearing or hold my tormentors accountable for their actions.

I quit teaching several years ago and I'm still angry over what happened.

El Cid