December 23, 2008

42% consider leaving!

When 42% consider leaving their job at a certain university, then you do know there is a problem - a managerial problem.


Anonymous said...

This Xmas and the Xmas before and the one before that there were academics who were so stressed by the working practices in their university that they almost killed themselves.

They were and are the targets of workplace bullying.

This Xmas...

Say no to workplace bullies.

You know it makes sense.

Save a life this Xmas.

Aphra Behn

Anonymous said...

Horrendous stats. I suspect that many of us would, however, find similar stats at our respective employers/ex-employers, since bullying as become so common in the world of academia, especially in the UK.

Anonymous said...

Those statistics could easily apply to the place I used to teach at. When I announced I had resigned, a lot of people looked at me with envy.

As for the statistics themselves, it wouldn't surprise me if administrators at any post-secondary institution would claim that those who considered leaving didn't "make a good fit" as, after all, those employees don't have to work there.

In other words, the victim will always be blamed, as usual.

El Cid

Anonymous said...

At my university the following people have left since I arrived 3 years ago:

1 female PVC

3 Directors of Development (not sure what the heck is going on there . . . )

1 racially ethnic Head of HR (fired)

1 female Prof and former Head of School (bullied/harassed)

1 female non-UK Senior Lecturer (bullied/harassed)

1 female non-UK PG student (sexually harassed)

2 distinguished female Profs (bullied/harassed)

1 female Prof, racial minority (bullied/harassed)

1 non-UK male Prof with ethnic accent (accused of bullying/harassment)

Still hanging on for dear life whilst looking for another job:

1 female non-UK Prof with accent (bullied/harassed)

And imagine this: these are just the ones I happen to know about . . . and I'm sure I'm forgetting several more.