August 29, 2008

More elimination rituals...

I found your website some time ago and I've recently had opportunities to read some of the items.

A great deal of what was described was familiar to me. I taught at a technical institute for several years and, for much of that time, I endured bullying, persecution, and harassment from certain administrators. That place could well qualify for membership in the Hall of Shame.

The only solution for me was to escape and I resigned on my own terms, but, I've been unable to find employment since then. Fortunately, I had some investments and I've made my living from them, though they are no substitute for a proper pay cheque.

It is my hope that websites such as yours bring about an end to this shameful practice. Too much talent and intellect has been squandered due to cheap office politics

In the vast majority of cases the offending institutions get away with it because they are allowed to be 'self-regulated'. Read about the sham of self-regulation, and contribute your experience to the elimination rituals happening all the time...


Anonymous said...

Dr Tim S 31 August, 2008
Blumshon is right on target when he says that "these investigations tend to descend into farce".

University "independent" investigations are not there to get at the truth but to hide it.

Taken from the THE blog 'sham of self-regulation'

Aphra Behn

Anonymous said...

Self-regulation is a joke. There IS no self-regulation -- only self justification.

Until the government steps in and/or all universities are privatized so as to give up the illusion of accountability, bullying will continue to vex academics in the UK.