May 17, 2008

How to recognize mobbing - Characteristics

  • The target has a record of success.

  • The mobbers make up the rules as they go along and do not follow the accepted university due process procedures.

  • The timing usually favors the mobbers, such as choosing to attack after the faculty member has had a serious medical procedure.

  • The mobbers protest vehemently against any external review of their actions.

  • The mobbers attempt to carry out their attacks in complete secrecy, using such tactics as anonymous hate mail left in the target’s mailbox.

  • The charges against the target are for relatively minor instances, such as alleging that a faculty member has said certain things that the mobbers find objectionable.

  • There is a unanimity of negative opinion about the target.

  • The target is selected first and then the charges are brought.

  • The mobbers use “impassioned rhetoric” in attacking the target.

  • The mobbers spread rumors and gossip about the target.

From: Women In Higher Education

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