March 09, 2008

You are not alone...

This is a great site, and has made me feel less alone by reading it. Thank you. - Anonymous post

Dear anonymous, you are not alone.

We can understand why and how you would feel lonely in this battle. It is in the nature of what we experience, the overwhelming sense of injustice that one finds unbearable to live with. Sadly, there are no easy ways out.

The cliche is that you ought to first look after your health, eat well, exercise, etc. But the shock is usually so big that depression settles in and motivation becomes non-existent. If you are fighting a legal battle, then things become harder to cope with. There is financial and emotional strain, plus the prospect of being out of work for some time or even forever.

The purpose of this blog is multiple: to inform, to expose, to let know that we are not alone, to support, to fight on... We can only suggest that you try to get in touch with others who have similar experiences. This may confirm what you already know but it will also provide some comfort and possibly some support to get through hard times. You are feeling alone but try not to be alone. You can always email us.


Anonymous said...

I suspect this sight may have contributed to fewer suicides...


bullying can kill.

Aphra Behn

Anonymous said...

Oh my god - a dyslexic....

it's 'site'

Aphra Behn