October 29, 2007

The Institute of Education

Anonymous said...

The Institute of Education, I can assure you is a place where bullying and harrassment takes place and the management do nothing because they are the ones that are doing it.

The internal grievance procedures are a joke, the stress that staff are put through when they make a complaint is unbearable.

All senior staff stick together and do their upmost to push out staff who complain and the silent ones either leave or work in fear.

I heard there was one school which consisted of 4 centres where 16 staff left from the period of August 06 - March 07.

The reason why the IOE do not follow their procedures because the bullies are their friends and most of the staff are dispensible.

There is one serial bully [LF] who is also Geoff Whitty's friend [kept hush, hush of course] who has bullied 6 members of staff and guess what they have all left. This bully then accuses the staff member of not being able to do their work and brings a disciplinary action against that person who has made a complaint. And yes, they do nothing and promote the serial bully.


Anonymous said...

So what do you reckon Sally?

Worth doing anything about it or NOT?

Aphra Behn

Anonymous said...

Fascinating echoes in this business - Professor Michael Shattock was co-author of a highly influential, business-oriented report that has underpinned the vicious restructuring in the Irish university sector (http://www.indymedia.ie/article/79696) and assisted in the Malone Report (whitewash?) on corruption at UCC.