September 03, 2007

Leeds Metropolitan University & Robbie Williams tribute band

Failure to attend a Robbie Williams tribute band may result in disciplinary proceedings

Anonymous said:

This years staff development is more bizzare than previous ones. We have been told that attendance at a Robby Williams Tribute band concert is compulsory. Failure to attend may result in disciplinary proceedings. Torture as well as bullying.

From Leeds Metropolitan University Staff Development Festival 2007:

The Staff Development Festival 2007 will be holding the Finale at the new addition to Leeds Metropolitan University - the Headingley Carnegie Stadium. The evening will consist of a gymnast display, a Robbie Williams tribute band, a choir of 100 voices and much more

Now then, is attendance compulsory and how does one guarantee numbers?

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carolinesmells said...

How does one guarantee numbers?

As if the lure of a Robbie Williams tribute was not enough, the university came up with another solution to guarantee numbers by offering staff a 'free drink', but only available at the end of the said concert/torture event.
I for one didn't feel the urge to hang around that long and I'm glad I didn't bother, from the reports I heard the 'free drink' turned out to be a very measly sized plastic glass of cheap plonk.

If the university insists on bribing it's staff with alcohol, can they not make a better offer than that?