June 29, 2007

Where the bullied fight back

Published: 22 June 2007, Times Higher Education

Vice-chancellors beware. A blog for bullied academics (http://bulliedacademics.blogspot.com) has launched a new award scheme, Divestors of People. It explains that the award “is a standard awarded to higher education institutions that excel in mismanaging, bullying and harassing their staff”. The criteria include: management strategies that promote cronyism, incompetence, favouritism or inequality; demoralised, de-skilled or demoted staff in a toxic working environment; internal grievance procedures being used selectively by managers against staff. Those nominating can remain anonymous. Institutions qualify for the award if they meet at least 50 per cent of the criteria listed on the site, and this can be verified by at least two staff.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Why are these cases are not picked up by the
National Press?

Shouldn't there be national concern that the Director of a prestigious research university for example is currently involved in an alleged sex discrimination case brought by a senior colleague...

Or do we just shrug our shoulders... and get back to bullying...that's not illegal.... much safer than sex discrimination... why bother with that when you can bully...bully...bully to your heart's content....

Aphra Behn