June 08, 2007


...According to a national poll conducted by the Employment Law Alliance, 44 percent of American workers reported having worked for an abusive supervisor... The issue is apparently gaining the attention of lawmakers around the country, with 13 states currently considering legislation to address workplace abuse.

Based on model legislation drafted by David Yamada, president of the nonprofit New Workplace Institute in Boston and professor of law at Suffolk University Law School, the new legislation aims to give severely bullied employees the right to sue the bully or the company, if it fails to stop the bullying

From: New Hampshire Business Review
Workplace bullying affects ‘at least one employee in 10’

...Bullying in work affects at least 10% of employees and tackling the problem can improve companies’ performances, a conference heard yesterday... The trade union Unite told delegates at the meeting in Cardiff that the current shortage of skilled labour across Wales highlights an increasing need for organisations to adopt a zero tolerance approach to bullying. Companies should also have anti-bullying and harassment policies in place. Bullying in the workplace costs the UK economy £2bn each year through sick pay, staff turnover and loss of production, according to Unite...

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Conflict in the workplace 'surprisingly common'

Disagreements and bad feelings among employees should be tackled by managers, according to a new survey. The head of employment law at the law firm Eversheds, Martin Warren, said his firm's study had found widespread conflict, some of which occurred on a regular basis.

He told BBC Radio Five Live's Wake Up To Money programme that a fifth of survey respondents thought disagreements fostered better performance but that most employees did not like it. Key grievances cited in the report were people who passed others' work off as their own and those who would not work as a team. People who simply liked to be disruptive to colleagues formed another concern and bullying was found to be common.

"One of the other issues of the research is the important role of middle management in spotting it early and taking steps to resolve it, because a degree of conflict is probably good for the employer but if it gets out of hand it clearly disrupts," he said

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The Commission for Racial Equality “appalled” by racism in the workplace figures - UK

New data released by the Commission for Racial Equality (CRE) shows that racism in the workplace “is still rife”. The CRE have released data showing 43% of 5000 complaints over a six month period were linked to employment.

Employers are warned that they are risking paying out millions of pounds of compensation and missing out on talent by failing to extend the same rights and working conditions to all employees.
Common grievances made by ethnic minority employees to the CRE Information Assistance Centre (IAC) include allegations of workplace bullying, inability to secure interviews and lack of career progression.

CRE’s Code of Practice on Racial Equality in Employment states that employers are legally responsible for any unlawful racial discrimination or harassment by their agents, contractors or workers in the course of their employment. Under the Race Relations Act, an act of discrimination or harassment by a worker in the course of his or her employment is treated as having been committed by the employer as well as by the worker, whether or not the employer knew about it and approved of it...

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Sal Fiore said...

Tony Blair is not aware of all this. He has got the army of bureocrats (UCU included) to keep everything at bay. Do not organize rallies or sit-in or demos otherwise Tony will say: hey....uncivilized ...... we don't do the things in this way here, in this nation. In practice he will repeat the same things all over again like he did to the farmers, during the last strike, to the students during the last protest and to many other people.


Keep silent..... the babies are sleeping......

Sal Fiore

Anonymous said...

Irrational people!!!


Sal Fiore