June 26, 2007

London Met academics request your support

To: London Metropolitan University Governors

Dear Governor,

We, the undersigned, wish to protest at the refusal of London Met management to consult UCU, the recognised trade union, over any issue but most particularly over threatened redundancies. We urge you to insist that the Vice Chancellor acknowledges that UCU is the recognised union representing academic staff at London Met, and that he enters into meaningful discussions with UCU officers as a matter of urgency on threatened redundancies and other outstanding issues.


The Undersigned
It is imperative that we help our colleagues by signing the online petition. London Met was recently award the 'Divestors of People' standard, which indicates that there are a plethora of valid staff concerns that need to be addressed. Please show your support by signing the online petition.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

...but don't hold your breath about UCU supporting anyone who feels they are being bullied....

Aphra Behn