March 26, 2007

Looking for a woman who has suffered stress at work...

Jenny Johnston is a freelance writer doing a piece for Glamour magazine on workplace stress. She writes:

I'm trying to find women aged 18-40 who have suffered some level of stress at work, either because of bullying, pressure of work etc, and who have behaved in a way they would consider out of character because of it.

It could be something like drinking or taking drugs while on duty, or assaulting a colleague. We have one young woman who lied to her employers about a partner having cancer, because she was too afraid to ask for time off in the normal way. It doesn't need to be bad or criminal behaviour - just something that illustrates how bad things got.

You do not need to be named or photographed but this is available if you are OK to be identified. Please contact Jenny by Tuesday lunchtime [tight she knows] with your phone number and she'll get back to you.


Jenny Johnston

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