February 26, 2007

Equal opportunities and diversity for staff in Higher Education - UK

'...There is clear evidence that inequality exists within the Higher Education labour market – clear evidence of discrimination that advantages white, middle-aged men (for example, sources Kingsmill 2002, Wilson 2003, NATFE 2003, AUT 2001a, b). While less is known about equal opportunities for administrative, technical and support staff, the pay differentials reflect forms of labour market segregation and segmentation which favour white male workers...'

Full report available from: Statistics for equal opportunities in Higher Education, May 2005

We have reasons to believe that little has changed since May 2005. We have recent evidence that researchers from ethnic backgrounds are excluded from research which they instigated and pioneered in the first place. Promotions often bypass ethnic staff. Ethnic staff are perceived as easy targets by administration and management.


Anonymous said...

As a topical example:

In about 1999 some graduate students at Yale's psychology department formed a committee to find ways to diversify the student body.

We were literally told "well we don't want to have to lower our standards".

ZR said...

"lower our standards"

My African colleague used to be asked by my previous manager if he had any ideas for the manager's European researchers.

Neither my colleague nor myself used to get credit for anything we did, unless we fought.

EQUAL opportunities is what we are asking for not favouritism. ONLY EQUAL.