May 18, 2006

Justice, closure

'...How does the bullying end? The majority of survey respondents (61%) reported that bullying was current and ongoing.

The survey respondents for whom the bullying has ended reported what made it stop:

37% of the Targets were fired or involuntarily terminated
33% of Targets quit (typically taking some form of constructive discharge)
17% of Targets transfer to another position with the same employer

What it could mean: Once targeted, bullied individuals face a 70% chance of losing their jobs.

4% of Bullies stopped bullying after punishment or sanctions
9% of Bullies were transferred or terminated

What it could mean: Bullying is done with impunity. Perpetrators face a low risk of being held accountable. Targeted individuals pay by losing their once-cherished positions...'

From: The Workplace Bullying and Trauma Institute

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