May 25, 2006

Factors impairing ability to deal with bullying

The 2005 Survey of HR Professionals: Which of the following factors impair your organisation's ability to deal effectively with bullying?

Unwillingness to acknowledge a problem by management - 74.4%
Prevailing management style - 70.4%
Lack of training in how to deal with bullying - 45.4%
Lack of cooperation from management - 44.4%
Inadequate procedures - 30.2%

From: digital opinion


sustain said...

I am still struggling with the after effects of a bullying incident(s). In retrospect, there is/was a perfect storm - a confluence of events and personalities that led to the filing of my first ever grievance against management after 15 years of service.
I could not accept (and still do not) the abysmal loss of functionality and the consequent acceptance thereof, the silence, opportunism, etc. of my colleagues, incl. those who participated in mobbing me. Yes, management has tried to make things right. But the consequences (some of which have little or nothing to do with me) are still making themselves felt. My position is still up in the air, and could continue to be so indefinitely. What's also so difficult to accept is that this is a public institution. If it was a privately-run outfit, I would have much less to write about. But both taxpayers' money and their health care are at stake.
Best Wishes

Anonymous said...

My GP wants to sign me off with stress and depression. The reason? Bullying in my department by management.